"At the heart of the Encouragement Co is a foundation of individualization, love, hope and faith. I want people to feel and truly believe that they are humans encouraging other humans through what they choose to wear. I want people to have joy when wearing the things that I make. Style is such an important thing for people and I want to inspire and empower people in what they choose to wear on a day to day basis. Most importantly, I want people to have fun, laugh and encourage those around them. I want people to see that other people are valuable, and something as simple as a shirt can do that."

 - Emma Bradley, Owner and Head Cheerleader


When we started this whole journey, we cared about high quality individualization. We want to help people see others as valuable humans and encourage that along the way. 

At The Encouragement Co., we hold the conviction that men and women are to loves themselves and others. Seeing people truly come to the realization that they were created to be them and that that was their calling is the best part of the job. Connecting people with others through something as simple as a tee is the most encouraging thing.

In the short time that The Encouragement Co. has been around, we have struggled and failed. We have picked ourselves back up and had amazing people rally around us and push for us to be better. We strive to seek humility and learn from our messups to better who we are and what we want The Encouragement Co. to be. We want you to know that we are in this with you. All of it. It may look different to each person, but empathy, love and tenacity are what gets things done.

We want you to feel encouraged, confident and happy every single time you wear a tee from The EnCo. Thank you for allowing us to do that. 

With all the love, 

Emma B.